Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Simple White Bread

This is the proudest I’ve ever been of anything I’ve cooked so far. I followed a simple recipe, but I was still amazed that it turned out so well. The recipe was so quick and easy, apart from the two hours resting (I never knew bread was so lazy), and the need for me to google the term ‘knocking back’ (punch the dough a bit and knead it some more). The results were great, a soft, light and fluffy interior, a slightly crusty shell, and the smell, not only of the bread itself but the smell that permeated through the flat, was delicious. Totting up what I spent on the flour and yeast, and working out how many loaves I can make with the ingredients was almost as big a surprise as the fact I managed to make the bread, each loaf costs roughly 40p, a greatly different figure to what I usually spend on the generic loaf packed with preservatives at the supermarket. If the economic and taste factors have still not swayed you, remember that the hands on time is less then 20 minutes and the rest of the time is resting and baking, so there really is no excuse. I’m going to try and make a loaf every Sunday from now on, and if you’re still not converted then try it for your self and expect to savour the results. The recipe can be found on the BBC Good Food website.

Culinary Know How: NO LONGER IN HALLS
Budget: UNDER £2

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