About Me

The ex-fledgling student cook
'Student Culinary Conquests follows the trials and tribulations of the fledgling student cook. With recipes tried and tested by a 21 year old university student, with a teeny budget and an even teenier kitchen.'

The original tag line for Student Culinary Conquests, the above statement now seems a little out of date. Over one hundred recipes later, and nearly a whole year of cooking, and I feel less fledgling and more confident cook. Having tackled mussels to pavlova, creme brulee to macaroons, all with varying degrees of success, my creativity has grown and my basic cooking skills have improved. With an ever growing collection of cookery books, and a kitchen twice the size of the one with which I started, my only hope is to encourage all the other fledgling cooks out there to cook new recipes and try new flavours, one culinary conquest at a time.

See where it all began... The First Post

Contact Culinary Conquests: culinary.conquests@gmail.com
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