Tuesday, 24 May 2011


The lack of posts this week is due to an increase in my university workload, namely a timed essay that’s in on Thursday. It doesn’t mean I’ve stopped cooking completely, just that I’m cooking less adventurous things. However, this weekend I had a three day Nigella cook-athon. I’m one of those people who has phases on cook books. I’ll get it, cook everything that stands out and then it’ll be on to the next one. I got the Nigella book in question, ‘Kitchen’ for Christmas and used it all through January, put it away, and now its having its second airing. Although it pains me to say it, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with everyone’s favourite domestic goddess. Now don’t get me wrong, obviously she is amazing, I am a fan on facebook, watch her programmes and drool over her recipe books, but I find that her recipes are a tad hit or miss. I think I am alone in this but I do find a lot of her recipes go a bit wrong for me, most memorably toad in the hole, turkey meatballs and chocolate pots which were total culinary disasters!! Luckily only one recipe went wrong this weekend, the Indian rubbed lamb cutlets, and the rest were roaring successes.

Exploding Chocolate Pots
Flat as a Pancake Toad in the Hole
The first recipe that I had to share with you was the wonderful Churros one. I love to pick up a bag of these sugary doughy treats when on holiday in Spain. I think I doubled my body weight eating them at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona the other year (they make the best festival breakfast), but I haven’t really found any of comparable quality in England. The great thing about churros is that they are blissfully simple to make, and can be knocked together quickly and with ingredients that you’re likely to have in your cupboard. Dip these little drops of sugary goodness in a chocolate sauce of choice; Nigella makes her own thick chocolate dipping sauce but I used Nutella, just as good in my opinion.

Culinary Know How: 2ND YEAR
Budget: UNDER £2

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  1. My boyfriend is obsessed with any kind of cinnamon and sugar dessert and would totally love these. They look delicious!

    - Maggie


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